Apr 1, 2008

Secure Email from Voltage

Voltage offers one of the many alternatives present in the industry for secure encrypted email communication. It is supposed to have incorporated strong anti-phishing technology within it. Could very well be, but there is a huge problem with the whole concept. You see, the way it is supposed to work is:

1. I type an email - and then choose to encrypt via voltage and send

2. Receiver gets an email with my email-address in the "From:" field, but with content stating something like "You have received an encrypted email. To view your email, click on the attachment.." - and a neat little html attachment presents itself for you to click.

3. Receiver - knows all about Voltage and its anti phishing technology - and hence assumes it is safe to click on a link / open the attachment.

Sheeeesh. No option to type a url and go to Voltage's website. No notification that I could be sent to sushi-land.. nothing..

.. More phish anyone ?